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Eloise Hock Feinstein

Thank you for your interest in my firm. Having been an attorney for over 30 years,

it’s hard to choose which highlights to share, but I’ll do my best so you can start to

get to know me.


In 1982 upon graduation from UCLA School of Law, I joined one of the most

prestigious firms in the country, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. Though I started in the

estate planning department, in my twenties I found little excitement. When I

helped a litigator with a contested probate matter and went to trial, my life

took a surprising turn, and I detoured into a business litigation practice for many

years. They called me Barracuda Lady. The excitement was there—but eventually,

the stress and strain of a litigation practice took its toll. When I became a parent

in 1989, I knew it was time to leave before the golden handcuffs got any tighter.


For several years during the 90’s, I worked part-time, primarily for a solo

practitioner, doing a blend of estate planning, litigation, and business and real

estate work. My main focus in those years was my family, including my two young

boys. By the year 2000, I was living in Poway and looking for something different.


I joined Elder Law & Advocacy, Inc., which provides free legal services at senior centers all over San Diego County. Most of my clients were poor and in trouble, and I helped them not only with wills and powers of attorney, but also gave all sorts of personal and business advice. It was an eye-opening and rewarding experience for me.


In 2001 I joined Peterson & Price, APC., a well-known San Diego firm with an emphasis in real estate, but it needed the estate planning focus I brought. This was a great place to merge my estate planning background with my business and real estate expertise.  Eventually in 2010, I transferred my estate planning practice to Barger Law Group, APC.


Most recently, I opened my own practice, the Law Office of Eloise Hock Feinstein APC. I now focus exclusively on estates and trusts, both planning and administration.  I am certified by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.  I welcome you to make an appointment to meet so we can find out if we’re a good fit for each other.


Oh, and those two young boys from the nineties? They are now well into their twenties, and have several degrees between them. After many years of missing them while they lived elsewhere, I'm delighted to report that they are both living close to home.    Joel is a computer engineer, so naturally he originally designed my website and maintains my domain.  He now owns a home in North Park and is the proud parent of three (yes, three) kittens.   Daniel recently received his degree in Electronic Music Production from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He works for for a company that designs software and hardware for sound systems in movie theaters, and is living in San Luis Obispo.  


And, since they were each 18 they have had comprehensive estate plans, including the health care documents so crucial for your children under age 18.  One of them even has a trust—feel free to ask me why.

Eloise Hock Feinstein Lawyer Estate Planning Attorney
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